CapitalSquare Projects Consultants Limited

To deliver a successful project plan, it is quintessential that the project be financially and economically feasible. We can help you create successful project plans with our consultancy services or by setting up a proven processes for your team to use when they create their plan. To create a successful plan, we combine science of designing, planning and execution; optimizing time and resources at hand through a practical approach to build distinct advantages for your projects/entity.

Our Approach

We have maintained an impressive track record of providing our clients with proven project management consulting solutions which are both effective and cost-efficient.

Problem Definition

We initiate healthy discussion with the client and understand the client’s real and perceived view of what is required from the assignment.

Project Understanding

Based on the discussion with the client we create a problem definition and identify the nature of the problem being addressed and the scope of the change being attempted.

Project Planning

Further we define the course of action necessary to cope the problem by breaking the problem in smaller steps.


We guide the client in implanting our results and generate synergy from the same.

Result Collection

We collect our results at each small step and collate them accordingly.

Client Speaks