Other Offerings

We also offer you services for investment into unconventional investment avenues apart from traditional products. We suggest products keeping long term view.

Private Equity
We suggest you investment opportunities in equity securities of unlisted companies which unlike public offering are exempt from the high level of government regulations. These are traded on private placement basis with exit based on buyback from the issuer after a set time horizon.

Real Estate
We provide full fledged investment solutions for residential as well as commercial properties in India, which include services related to the purchase of lucrative properties, their documentation, renting and leasing, investment advisory services, property valuation and assisting clients with home loans.

Estate Planning
We understand that significant challenges is not just preserving and growing wealth but also in ensuring that wealth gets passed on to future generations in an organized and amicable manner. Our estate planning services includes creating a plan for your estate to enable effective management, preservation and longevity during and after your life time. The primary goal is to ensure it reaches the estate owner’s intended beneficiaries, and often includes efficient tax and minimizing succession procedures.

Our team keeps regular track on the market dynamics and upcoming issuances and provide our client in-depth overviews of forthcoming IPOs supported with well structured and researched investment recommendations. We then aid our clients in making calculative investments in these IPOs based on their risk appetite.

Charting beyond the define territory.

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