• Identification of the risks / exposures as to what can happen and how can it happen
  • Evaluating the risks / exposures utilizing risk models
  • Based on Company’s Balance Sheet and Risk Philosophy, develop Risk Retention & Transfer strategy
  • Develop a Risk Insuring Strategy based on client’s requirements
  • Mapping the context in terms of defining the profile of the sector,
  • Analyzing the risk in terms of its likelihood and the consequence of the same
  • Developing treatment plans in terms of feasibility of the same
  • Conducting detailed evaluation and analysis of the existing Insurance portfolio of clients
  • Utilizing risk management systems to conduct thorough inspection of Risk exposures
  • Mapping risk exposures with the existing coverage
  • Identify any uncovered risks and gaps in the insurance cover
  • Optimize the cost of insurance coverage
  • Identifying and Collating available Insurance covers required to cover the associated risks
  • Initiating discussions with best underwriters in the market to obtain competitive offers
  • Obtain & Evaluate various offers received from various underwriters and identify the best solutions
  • Negotiate with the underwriters to customize the policy cover and to obtain best possible rates
  • Understanding and evaluating Insurance cover to be procured
  • Initiate discussions to arrive at optimal sum Insured
  • Identifying and selection of the Underwriters for quotations.
  • Comparison of quotes on the Technical & Commercial criteria
  • Negotiations with the Underwriters & Placement of Insurance business.
  • Be a single point of contact for each and every claim that arises which enables the client to avoid any communication gap in terms of information sharing
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedure to deal with the claims.
  • Ensure adequate allocation of every resource in terms of time, technical know-how, system support, etc. for the smooth functioning of the claims procedure and avoid any friction in the entire process
  • Focus on prompt filing of claim & investigation to ensure quick and Cost-effective settlement.
  • Complete end-to-end service starting from notification of claim to Investigation /survey to negotiations till the final settlement.

Our repertoire of services ensures maximum risk coverage low premium with claim settlement comes as a cherry.

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