Merger & Acquisition

Our M&A advisory offerings cover the entire spectrum of activities starting from initial step of identifying the target to valuation, due diligence, negotiation, financing, documentation and conclusion of the transaction. Leveraging on our industry knowledge, execution experience and an extensive network, our M&A Advisory team provides need based advice on the expansion through acquisitions and JVs or streamlining through sale process. Through our services we can provide strategic advisory for various requirements of our clients related to their brands, company, assets, technology tie-ups and agreements which could result in catapulting their growth.

Our M&A service offerings include:

  • Buy Side Advisory

    While providing buy side advisory services to our clients, we remain as key point of contact and work in tandem with their management team, attorneys and tax advisors to help move the process fast. During the process we aid the Company in developing acquisition goals and strategy, identify target companies, assist in transaction negotiation, Secure financing and execute the agreement. We also aid the client in Post acquisition integration.

  • Sell Side Advisory

    We work with entrepreneurs and help them in divesting their company/brands/assets, unlock partial value or find a strategic partner to take the business to the next level. We support the clients from complete planning to transaction completion stage.

  • Leveraged Buyouts

    The financial structures involved in an LBO are extremely varied, depending on the company, the sector in which it operates; its revenues, cash flows and other factors and we aid our clients in successfully completing these complex transactions.

  • Management Buyout

    In management buyout transactions, we help companies develop business plans, structure the transition process and raise capital to secure financing for management buyouts. In that role, we also help companies access the capital to finance their management buyout on primarily an all debt basis.

  • Joint Ventures

    We assist clients to identify appropriate joint venture or strategic partners within the guidelines of carefully prepared selection criteria and assist in the evaluation of candidate companies in line with client priorities. The most critical factors in these activities are careful partner selection, development and implementation of effective strategies to achieve the desired goal, and effective negotiations to build the basis for future success.

Consolidation of Complementary Resources through strategy, due diligence & integration.

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