Structured Products

Our team shall formulate your investment strategy keeping in mind your risk appetite and a structure product that suits the risk return profile of an individual. Rather than providing our clients “one size fit all” products we customize the products as per our client’s needs and suggest products that are different from commonly known avenues for wealth maximization.

Structured products are designed to facilitate highly customized risk-return objectives. This is accomplished by taking a traditional security, such as a conventional investment-grade bond, and replacing the usual payment features (e.g. periodic coupons and final principal) with non-traditional payoffs derived not from the issuer’s own cash flow, but from the performance of one or more underlying assets. Thus, the value of product depends upon the underlying assets which are selected keeping in view the existing macro and micro economic conditions.

While structuring our products we utilize any of the below mentioned asset classes in isolation or in combination:

  • Equities or Basket of Securities
  • Fixed income or Interest rates
  • Foreign Currency
  • Commodities
  • Credit derivatives
  • Mutual funds & alternative investments

We aim at generating payoff on products that suits market conditions and provide maximum returns thereof.

Customized solution for
unique requirement.

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