Fixed Income Products

We help you identify products that regularise your income and provide fixed rate of returns for a set period of time. The benefits of investment in fixed income security are derived from low risk, regular income, structuring flexibility and liquidity.

Our product portfolio for fixed income investment consists of:

Bank and Corporate Fixed Deposits
Fixed deposit (FD) is an investment option that allows you to invest a sum of money for a fixed time period and at a fixed rate of interest. During the course of the FD, even if the prevailing interest rates go up or down, you will be entitled to the rate of interest that was committed to you.

Corporate FDs are offered by companies that are looking to raise money from the open market. Corporate FDs typically pay a higher rate of interest, but also carry a relatively higher risk than bank FDs on account of credit quality. We always look for the FD based on your risk appetite and invest after considering the risk return analytics for the investment options.

Corporate Bonds/NCDs
Bonds are debt security, where the issuer is the borrower (debtor), the holder is the lender (creditor), and the coupon is the interest. The borrower issues a bond to the lender who gives the money and in return receives a bond which makes it compulsory for the borrower to pay a specified rate of interest during the life of the bond and to repay the face value of the bond (the principal) when it matures, or comes due.

Example of bonds:
RBI Bonds – Bonds issued by Reserve Bank of India. The money raised may be used to finance its various projects like long term lending, development of the economy etc. Some have a fixed rate of interest, say 8%, and some are linked to the market or the inflation in the country.
Capital Gain Bonds – These bonds offering tax exemption for transferring gains of long term capital assets.
Taxes saving infrastructure bonds – The Infrastructure bonds are issued with the 80CCF tax benefits.

Leveraging balance between risk and income

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